Sunday, July 28, 2013

Minion Fever: My Stuffed Plush Creation

Despite having a very busy weekend, I was able to accomplish one very important task that I had on my to-do list. My household has had minion fever since the announcement of Despicable Me 2 and this weekend I finally created a stuffed minion for my son.

I began by cutting two ovals out of some yellow minky fabric. I cut them wider than I wanted the finished minion to be because I didn't want him to turn out looking like a yellow hot dog. I then attached denim in an overall shape to the bottom half of each oval.

Then I created a minion sized pocket for the front of the overalls, attached a black felt circle to it and then sewed it onto one of the ovals. At the same time I created 4 thin strips of denim to use as overall straps and sewed them onto the yellow ovals.

I then created a red felt mouth and sewed it onto the same oval that had the pocket. For fun I added some little white teeth. I also created tubes out of some yellow minky and attached them to the same oval. 

I sewed little 3 fingered hands out of black felt and created rectangular cuffs to accompany them. I stuffed the yellow tubes and sewed them shut as close to the edge as possible. 

I then attached the gloves to the seam edges of the arm and used the cuff to cover the awkward joint. I found some fun googly eyes in my stash of craft goodies and marked their size on my minions face. I then cut out some small pieces of yellow minky and pinned them down accordingly to create eye lids for my minion. I also sewed these as close to the edge as possible.

I then slipped the googly eyes into the eyelids and reinforced them with a bit of hot glue on the back!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of how I created his legs and shoes. But I crafted a pair of black boots out of felt and used cardboard inserted in the bottom to help keep a flat bottom to his foot. I then created some tubes out of denim to make his legs and attached these to the boots. I stuffed the shoes and legs and then sewed them to the bottom of the front oval. Once this was done I pinned the back oval to the front with right sides together and sewed around leaving an opening at the top of his head. Don't worry, all his limbs are there, I tucked them in before sewing!

I turned him right sides out, stuffed him and hand stitched his head together.

I then cut a thin rectangle of yellow minky and 5 pieces of black yarn. I knotted the yarn in the middle and hand stitched it between the rectangle and his head. The rectangle covered the knots and made it appear as though the yarn was growing out of his head! Again, I forgot to photograph my progress . . . so sorry.  

I created goggles by cutting two small circles off of an empty toilet paper roll. I padded them with some batting and wrapped grey fleece around them. I sewed them together in the middle. I hand stitched the black band around the minion's head and then hand sewed the goggles into place over his eyes. Once the goggles were in place we had the perfect minion! Soft enough to cuddle all night long!

Too cute, right?

This week I will return to some quilting that is next on my to-do list! Happy Quilting!