Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Escape From the Cold

Cold air has crept into our area this week . . . the kind of cold air that makes you want to stay inside in a cozy sweater while sipping hot cocoa and stitching up some colorful goodies. And while I did have to run errands the last few days, I spent the time I was home in a cozy sweater stitching at the machine. And what better to stitch on a bitterly cold day then a bright and colorful beach wall hanging. 

I found the instructions for this beautiful wall hanging in the book, Skinny Quilts and Table Runners by Eleanor Levie. The quilt pattern is called, "By the Sea" and was created by Karen Eckmeier. I couldn't wait to tackle a landscape quilt that would take me out of my comfort zone. Picking the fabrics is always my favorite part of a project and was especially fun for this one as I got to go buy some beautiful batiks. I hope to work with more again soon but I need to find more first!

Look at all those beautiful blues! Laying the project out was also a lot of fun. It was great to have a pattern that was more of a guideline and let you just go with the flow. 

Once everything was sewn in place I added some quilting and then got to have some fun experimenting as I added details. I wasn't too pleased with my sky fabric so I added some tulle in bunches to create clouds. 

I also used the designer's idea of creating seagulls out of cut lace. 

The sand was fun to add detail to as well. I had never thought to sew things within tulle until seeing the author's idea for adding the sea shells. I also had so much fun adding hand stitched beads and rhinestones as rocks along the shore line. 

I absolutely loved making this quilt. It was so fun to stitch and I enjoyed trying so many new techniques. And the book itself had a bunch of really great quilt patterns in it so I may have to try some more in the future. But for now, my husband has requested a second one of these wall hangings as this one was made as a thank you for my grandfather who made my beautiful sewing table for me. 

Can you believe how beautiful that work space is?! I will cherish this table forever and ever. I am so happy I was able to sit at it and create something to send to my grandfather to show my appreciation! 

Well, I guess I am off to sew a second one of these! Until next time . . . happy sewing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Creations

Holiday madness certainly kept me from catching up on the blog. Well, some of it was the madness but most of it was the fact that all my makes in November and December couldn't be shared since they were gifts! But I can finally share some of my big surprises. I decided to make a very special quilt for my father based on his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs! Not only did I create their logo but I also included the iconic ivy covered brick wall from Wrigley Field. 

The ivy was the hardest part of the quilt. It took quite a while to cut the hundreds of leaves! 

I also quilted the words "Chicago Cubs" into the top of the quit. 

The backing was made of Chicago Cubs fleece to keep my dad warm and cozy. I think it is safe to say he was quite pleased with the gift.

I also worked on a special gift for my husband's grandmother using ties from her late husband, a project I have wanted to tackle for quite a while now. 

I was so happy with the turn out! But I was more happy to see how happy our grandmother was!

I also had some fun working on a few different versions of the "Feather Your Nest" wall hanging that was available for purchase from Sew News. One was for my mother. In hers I made the eggs out of fabrics that matched mine and my brothers' birth stone colors. Another was for our Aunt using the remainder of the ties from the earlier quilt. And the final version was for a dear friend of mine in California. I made hers using as many bright and sunny colors as I could in the nest! 

My final projects at Christmas time were two dresses for my baby girl using the fabulous Georgia Vintage pattern from The Cottage Mama

I love how versatile Lindsay's patterns are. I especially love the Grinch one. I took endless pictures of my little one wearing it on Christmas . . . she looked just like a little Who! 

I hope all of you out there had a wonderful holiday and very happy new year! Until next time . . . happy sewing!