Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Little Off Topic Sewing and a Little Quilting

I've been keeping very busy at the sewing machine this week. But it hasn't all been quilting. Over the past couple of days I have been fixing up some dresses that I purchased from the thrift store. One is a rather embarrassing story. I found a dress that I loved, it had a cute summery country vibe. I snatched it up excitedly when I saw it was a size medium.

Cute, right? Will even look adorable with a jean jacket and boots in the fall. I washed it and was ready to wear it asap. Only, when I went to put it on I couldn't even get it over my arms. What??? Could I possibly have outgrown a medium? I didn't think I had gained much weight! I took it off and double checked the tag.

Oh my! That explains it. Turns out I should be wearing my reading glasses when I read. Imagine that! I couldn't just give up on this adorable dress. I had to make it work. So, out came the dreaded seam ripper. My plan: attack the side seams.

Ahhhh, some breathing room! The side with the zipper was a blast to seam rip (I hope you are sensing my sarcasm). But once both sides were draped open I went to the cutting mat with a matching cotton fabric and matching lace overlay. I cut out some rectangles to insert into the dress.

Then some pinning, and some sewing.

And some more pinning and sewing. 

I slipped it over my head and sweet relief, it fit like a glove! 

I even wore it today for some thrifting at an estate sale. Unfortunately, there was no quilting fabric but I did get a box of flowers for decorating for only $2! 

Last night I began work on what will be my biggest quilt: a quilt for our king sized bed. Not too long ago we had re-done our bedroom but I have yet to share pictures because I haven't created a comforter to match. I chose the Ginger Belle pattern from Miss Rosie's Spice of Life Quilts. 

Here is a sneak peak of the colors I chose:

Last night I began doing some of the smaller piecing on my hand crank sewing machine. 

All I got through were the hourglass pieces but I am very excited already to see how my blue bird quilt will turn out! :)

More to come soon I promise! Happy Quilting!


  1. Glad you could get the dress to fit. I don't have a clue about stitching clothing. Cute 99? Is that a custom covered box in the attachment area?

  2. I actually custom covered the accessories area. It had originally housed some sort of electrical connection for the motor that had corroded. I decided to line it with some beautiful paper when we converted it. I am glad you noticed it! :)