Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Quilt That Almost Wasn't

Remember many months ago I shared a quilt that I was trying to make for our bed (the love-hate relationship quilt)? Well the quilt ended up getting scrapped. I will use the blocks in another quilt at some point. But I took the remaining fabric and began to work on another attempt with it. I should mention, I began this attempt back in May as I awaited the arrival of our little one. 

The quilt top came together beautifully and I loved it, until I began quilting a king-size quilt on my small throated sewing machine. Nothing like stuffing an entire king-sized quilt through a 6 inch space. Needless to say, this caused much frustration with the backing of the quilt getting bunched in spaces. Being a perfectionist this really was bothering me but there was only so much seam picking I could do before I finally had to give up and just let some bunching remain on the back. After all, I wanted to finish the quilt sometime this year. 

But I really do finally love this quilt. I had some fun with this one as I tried to expand on free-motion quilting. This time I added lyrics from some of our favorite songs. 

I also labelled my quilt directly in the quilting. 

The greatest feeling of accomplishment was washing the quilt and getting it laid out on my bed! My room has been waiting for this quilt for a year and a half. 

I am so happy to have this quilt finally off of my to-do list. 

Until next time . . . happy sewing! 

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  1. A finished quilt is better than several still 'in process'. Nice quilt!