Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling the Blues: A Love-Hate Relationship

This week has been a little all over the place. I am working on a few projects at once, including one that I dug out from my unfinished projects from last year. Back in July I started working on a quilt that I was referring to as my Blue Bird Bed Quilt. I only ever got the pieces cut and some hourglasses and strip sets pieced. This week I pulled out the 53 strip sets. 

I know when I had planned this quilt that I had loved all of the fabrics. But now, as I relaid them out to cut those 53 strips into 530 2-inch pieces, I cringed. Suddenly I am hating everything about it. I don't know if my taste in fabrics has just changed or if I am becoming more in tune to choosing values and hues a little more wisely. I also noticed that I was not as good at my piecing then as I am now. So on the plus side, I have seen that I have improved greatly. But it is going to be hard to stay motivated to finish this project. However, I am determined to catch up on my projects this year so I must see it through.

And so the strip sets made their way to the cutting mat and I cut and cut and cut and cut.  

Until I had 530 pieces. 

And then they all went to the sewing machine where I sewed and sewed, then pressed and pressed, until I had 265 four patches. 

(Sorry, the pieces all blend in with the ironing board . . . yep . . . it's the same fabric)!

I hope to keep chugging along on this project every so often. It would be wonderful to actually finish it this year and I hope that as it comes together we will transition back from a hate relationship to a love relationship. 

But I do have a love relationship with a tablet case that I created a few weeks ago and forgot to share. 

The funniest part: the strap that closes the tablet uses some of the same fabric that is in the Blue Bird quilt, and is the fabric that inspired the name. 

I think I just love the embroidery most of all. I ordered the embroidery design from Urban Threads, my favorite place to find embroidery files. 

I am also still working on some decor for the kids' room but I am not finished with it quite yet. But it does involve some hand embroidery which I have been loving so much lately. In fact, I think when I finish with their decor I may head over to Urban Threads to order some hand embroidery patterns to play with! 

Until next time, happy quilting!

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  1. You will probably start liking that fabric again, as it starts to take shape into blocks.