Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Quilting the Winter Away

I am still here . .  I promise. I know it has been a long while since my last post. No, I did not drop off the face of the earth. But my computer did. Unfortunately, a fried laptop makes it nearly impossible to keep up with blogging and photographing one's quilt work. But I am finally back up and running and I have some goodies from the last few weeks to share. 

My latest quilt project is going to take a long while. I thought I would be done with it by now but I realize some other obligations are going to keep me from finishing until mid-summer so I will share some progress pics now. 

I have wanted to make a Christmas wall hanging for quite a while now. I even started a pre-printed panel 2 years ago but never got around to finishing it. But this year, just after Christmas, my inspiration struck. I began sketching an idea for an art quilt and really didn't think it would work out. Especially as I got started. 

It really wasn't looking too impressive. 

But I just kept trucking along, playing with fabric. I am not even sure if this counts as quilting as I just did a ton of fabric manipulating. 

Most of these pieces have been appliqued but the window details were hand sewn in. 

When I started the snow, I quickly realized that little specks just weren't doing it for me. It didn't look the way the snow on our lawn would look. 

So I decided to play with thin, wavy pieces of fabric.

I am still not sure how realistic this is turning out but I am hoping once it is all laid out it will look like snow.

And unfortunately, this is as far as I have gotten. I have so many more details to add and I cannot wait to add some very special touches. But there are a few projects that I must finish first before I can continue. 

For one, and the greatest project of all, I am finally getting a sewing studio. My father and my husband have collaborated to create me the room of my dreams in what was our very poorly refinished attic that we had not touched since moving in. The first, and largest task was building adequate storage for my fabric.

They began utilizing one of the very awkward walls that sat in a 10 foot long area. The ceiling was so angled that if you walked too close to the wall you would bump your head, every time! Therefore, this solved two big problems; head injuries and fabric storage! 

Oh that beautiful storage space!

Thanks to the super deep shelves that they designed, it actually looks like I don't have too much fabric! I am already in love with my space and only a small portion is done! We will be spending the next weeks building a closet and adding some beautiful details to the walls and ceiling! 

And finally, I have been working on a personal project/experiment. Specifically, a 1950's Housewife Experiment. You can read more about my adventures with it over on a sister blog that I started called, Seams Sew Retro. This is more of a lifestyle experiment which is why I decided to create a separate space for documenting it. But I will share any sewing tied to it here when I think of it. 

For example, 2 dress to apron refashions that I did. 

I took a too small dress:

And turned it into this:

I was so pleased that I made a second attempt with this damaged dress:

Which I turned into this:

My next sewing journey in the 50's will be attempting to sew my very first dress for myself. And my next quilting journey will be a very special baby quilt, though I will have to wait until after the shower to share. Speaking of which, I will also be crafting away and baking away as I help host this very special occasion. Stay tuned, later this spring I will be able to share those projects! 

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  1. You will love having your own sewing space (of course, the kiddies will also help share the space, too, I'm sure). What cute aprons!