Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mom Needs a Bib Too: The Ruffled Bib Tunic

I have been living in capri leggings and tunic tops ever since delivering my daughter last month. It's just what works for now. Unfortunately though, I only have about 3 tunics and I don't feel like washing laundry every 3rd day! So I pulled one of my favorite tunics from my closet and decided to try my hand at drafting a pattern.

I only had to draft a pattern for the bib of the shirt. Yes, I drafted this pattern on notebook paper. Again, it is what I had and it works for now. I cut rectangles for the bottom and cut two corners off for the arm holes. 

I cut my pattern pieces out of some jersey knit fabric and also out of some black lace that I basted on top of my pieces.

I then sewed the bib together at the shoulder seams.

Now my bib needed the ruffle detailing added. I cut some strips of jersey knit, folded them over and ruffled them up. I then basted them to the front of the bib.

I also took my rectangles and hemmed the corners that had been cut off. 

Then came the very tricky part. Figuring out how to assemble everything. It took a lot of trial and error, which meant that after a few rounds with the seam ripper I had completely forgotten about the camera! But I basically had to baste the rectangles down onto the bib, tuck them up nice and small, and sandwich them between the right side of the bib and the right side of the bib lining. The bib got sewn up minus a nice 4 inch hole and everything got turned right side out. I was so relieved to find that it worked. Then I just had to sew the bib overlap in place and accent with buttons and a cute little pocket!

I am so happy with how it turned out! I may have to make another just to be sure I have the process perfected. 

Until next time . . . happy sewing! 


  1. Cute! I remember not being able to wear my 'old clothes' after delivery. Thank goodness, I lost all my baby weight in 6 weeks with both boys.

  2. Lovely! Once you put ruffles on bibs it will turn out so nice, just like this one. Congratulations for a job well done!