Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby Dresses: Easier Than They Look

Oooh . . . 2 posts in one day! That is when you know you have been a bit more productive. As shown in my previous post, I got over my fear of garment construction with a simple pinafore pattern. Well, I thought I had. But then I looked at a pattern I had found online and thought, there's no way I can make that. But being as determined as I am, I just had to try. So I grabbed some adorable fabric that I had found at a thrift store in Wisconsin last year, cut out the pattern (found at and pieces and got to work. 

Isn't that fabric too precious for a little girl?! Okay, not going to lie to you. I was excited, nervous, overwhelmed and completely unsure of myself. So much so that I forgot to take pictures of my progress. But I promise, the directions that go along with the pattern were very easy for a beginner to follow and it came together very quickly. 

I followed the pattern exactly, except for the bottom of the dress. I did 2 layers for the bottom since the fabric was a bit thin. I left the pink layer 1 inch longer than the white for a playful peek at the lining. I also omitted the pockets because I did not want them to take away from the simpleness of the fabric. 

I also only added 1 button, instead of 3, on the back. Let's be honest, no one wants to fumble with buttons when dressing a newborn. 

And of course, a diaper cover to tie it all together! I couldn't believe I made a dress! And one that looked just like the ones at the department stores. I was on a high and quickly got to work cutting out pieces for more. I also cut out pieces from the extra fabric in this dress to attempt a sunhat but I haven't gotten to it yet. For my next dress, I decided to play with the pattern a bit.

I decided to add ruffles, ribbon, and tiny buttons to the center of the bodice and I decided to piece the skirt so that I could play with all the fabrics from the line. I had been stashing the fabrics for a quilt but I think I like them better as a dress for summer barbeques!

I just love how playful this turned out so I had to add one more picture of the front! 

I still have to add the button to the back but I just couldn't wait to share how it had turned out. I also have to create a matching diaper cover for this as well (and maybe a hat too if I am able to pull them off). See . . . accomplishing this dress has me on a crafting high! 

The only thing I am still debating is if I should add some trim to the bottom of the dress. I can't decide if it takes away or adds to it. 

Thoughts?! I hope my dress experience will inspire others to make friends with garments! Until next time Happy Quilting/Sewing! 

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  1. The trim is cute, but, I don't think the dress really needs it. Both are sweet. You are going to have to give me some lessons.