Monday, May 5, 2014

A Hockey Pinafore: My First Garment Attempt

I have been playing with sewing baby clothes ever since a serger magically appeared at my house last week. Diaper covers were the first things I had tried making (see the last post) and they had went pretty well, so I decided that perhaps I would try to sew some clothes for the little one. Of course, I browsed through my favorite site, Pinterest, and found a very easy pinafore pattern to use as my first attempt from Smashed Peas and Carrots.

The quilter in me could not resist doing a little bit of simple piecing to create the look of a hockey jersey. I am sure by now it is pretty obvious that we are huge Chicago Blackhawks fans. She has a bunch of cute hockey onesies to wear but I wanted her to have something extra cute for next season! 

And so I began cutting. I definitely appreciated the simplicity of this pattern!

Then it was time to sew together the front . . . 

and the lining!

Did I mention that I absolutely love the serger?! I have heard so many times that people are intimidated by them but I am just loving the professional finish it gives. I think I love it more and more every time I play with it. I cannot wait to learn more techniques on it. 

Then I just had to sew the lining and the front together (right sides together) leaving a 4 inch opening for turning. 

A little top stitching and the pinafore was nearly done. I am not thrilled with how my straps turned out but they aren't too horrible for a first try! 

Two buttons, two buttonholes and a logo from her uncle's old hockey jersey completed the pinafore!

Not too shabby for my first attempt at garment making. She will be cheering on the team in style next year (and probably the year after too . . . this pinafore transitions to a toddler tunic)!

Oh . . . and I didn't forget the diaper cover so that we get a cute little peek at ruffles when she is crawling around! I have some more dresses to share in another post. In the meantime . . . Happy Quilting/Sewing!

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