Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Toy Box Quilt

Lately my quilting and sewing has been focused completely on baby items . . . so I knew it was time to make something extra special for the little man in my life. To make it one of a kind, I designed it just for him. 

I had found all sorts of wonderful Thomas the tank engine fabrics to use in it! He loves his Thomas toys more than anything else so I knew it would be the perfect theme for this quilt. 

Cutting went fairly quickly for this quilt too since I tried to keep all the pieces larger to showcase the fabric prints. 

Therefore, the piecing also went fairly quickly. 

The layout was perfect for showcasing his favorite characters! 

The quilting took a bit longer, however. Especially since I had a week where I was out of commission. I decided to do mostly straight line quilting to keep from taking away from the prints but I did add some squiggle quilting to the sashing (which added some great texture to the quilt). 

The funny thing is that I was not too happy with how this looked before the quilting but once the quilting was added I suddenly loved it! And apparently, so did he because I was only able to keep it set up for photographing for about 3 minutes before he came running to take it back! 

This was definitely one of those projects that goes to show that you shouldn't give up on a quilt until you complete it. The quilting can really make a difference in how the finished product looks. 

Stay tuned as I have 2 more quilts in progress right now. One is a surprise, so I can't share anything about it yet, but the other is going to be an experiment in trapunto quilting. I am really trying to stick to my goal of learning new techniques this year! Until next time . . . happy quilting! 

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  1. How cute! It's true that sometimes the quilt 'grows on you' as you go.