Monday, February 10, 2014

Creating an Ironing Board

As I have been sharing pictures of all of my projects I have found myself trying not to show too much of the ironing/pressing process. I struggle to crop my pictures just right or I am eliminating them from my posts all together. And why, you might ask?

This is why!

My ironing station is an old tv tray with some practice quilt layers on it. Definitely shabby but not at all chic! Finally, after months of hiding my tray/ironing board I decided to do something about it. I went up to my fabric stash and found some upholstery fabric left over from making a headboard for our bedroom. I also grabbed some scraps of cotton batting. I laid everything out on the floor and turned my tv tray upside down on top of it all. 15 minutes of staple gunning, a little duct tape to seal all the raw edges on the bottom from fraying and now I have a portable, store-able ironing board that I can be proud to photograph on top of!

It's nothing super fancy but it looks a lot prettier when I work and that makes me happy! 

Off to make more progress on the quilt I am making for my son. Stay tuned and happy quilting! 

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