Monday, August 3, 2015

Monkeying Around In July

Is it really August already?! This year is slipping through my fingers faster than I thought it would. I would normally complain that the kids are keeping me from work but I actually have been enjoying them thoroughly this summer. We have been soaking up good weather and just having fun together. But do not think that we are spending all of our time monkeying around . . . I have still been working. It just so happens that I was working on a special monkey gift set this past month.

This is my favorite way to work on quilts. I love the generic requests that allow me to really get creative and play! This one was so simple; pink, purple and monkeys. And I really got creative with my free motion quilting this time. 

I created a flower design on the main block and used scallops and waves through out the rest of the quilt. 

To go with this one I made a few goodies. For one, I had to follow the only guidelines I was given; pink, purple and MONKEYS! I never found monkey fabric that struck me but I decided to make a monkey as an accessory to the quilt. 

The monkey pattern from DIY Fluffies was the perfect choice. A little more complicated than my usual stuffie sews . . . suffice it to say there was a monkey before her that just didn't make the cut. 

I topped her off with a matching bow, skirt, and tutu so she would be the perfect compliment to the quilt.

Finally, I completed the set by playing with my newest toys and creating two onesies. 

Not going to lie, the necklace one is my favorite! I may have to make a shirt for my daughter now. 

I am very happy with how this gift set turned out. One of my favorite to work on thus far! 

Until next time . . . happy sewing!


  1. wow!! what a lucky baby, the one who receives all that!! So so beautiful!!

    Tell me if you tried the turtleneck!! ;-)

    Hugs from Spain!