Friday, June 12, 2015

Missing in May: My Trip to Onederland

Wow! The month of May came and went and I felt like I was off in my own little world for most of it. Mostly because I was off creating my own little world. May was spent sewing and crafting for my daughter's first birthday which was hosted in "Onederland". Every bit of her birthday was made by hand from the invitations to the thank you cards and everything in between. 

But the most important bits were what took the longest. My baby's dress and her gifts. 

The dress was made using the Cottage Mama's Georgia Vintage Dress pattern. And let me just say, this dress was a breeze to sew. I was daunted by how complex it looked but was pleasantly surprised. Lindsay writes up beautiful, easy to follow instructions that make assembly a breeze. One could never regret purchasing one of her patterns! 

My daughter's gifts were the lengthiest projects last month, not much else got done. I decided to make her two memory dolls for the occasion, Alice and the White Rabbit. Alice was made to match my daughter's outfit, using the scraps from her outfit to complete the dolls dress. 

For the Alice doll I used the Miss Tippy Toes pattern from Dolls and Daydreams. Again, a wonderful pattern designer with beautifully written and photographed instructions that leaves so much possibility in each pattern as well. 

And the White Rabbit was created using another Dolls and Daydreams pattern, appropriately named the White Rabbit. I used an extremely furry and messy faux fur but absolutely loved the results. My daughter seems to love them too! 

We are now getting into the swing of summer and I will have a few more projects to share very soon! Until next time . . . happy sewing!

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  1. Great dress and dolls. Enjoy every minute with the kids. They grow up way too fast, While your daughter was turning one, my 'baby' was getting married. See, they grow up way too fast.