Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Shabby Chic Tree Skirt

I cannot believe that we are only a few weeks away from Christmas now! I apologize for the delay in posting again . . . I have been busy quilting Christmas gifts like crazy! I cannot share pictures of those projects yet but I do want to share a special project that I made for our house for the Christmas holiday. I saw a pin on Pinterest of a beautiful lace and burlap tree skirt and I knew I just had to make one!

Directions for the original project can be found here:

I spent a few weeks collecting some supplies from the thrift stores, which meant this project only cost me $12 in supplies. 

My next step was to cut everything into the right size strips. 

This eyelet lace was my favorite! It is actually a thrifted bed skirt that I got for $2.99. I ended up using every inch of the bed skirt between this project and a few others!

I veered from the original instructions only when it came to edges and ruffling. I knew with kids in my household that I will inevitably have to wash this tree skirt, so I decided I wanted no raw edges. So I pulled out some of my vintage accessories and began playing with the hemming foot!

Why did I not try this foot sooner? I was in heaven!!!

Next was the ruffler foot . . . again, why did I not do this sooner?!

It took me no time at all to have a pile of fabric ready to use to build my tree skirt.

Next I took the thrifted table cloth and drew my line and circle to cut out.

I also cut down the size since my tree goes in a very tight corner. 

I also hemmed the edges on the table cloth. Once you start with that foot you just can't stop. 

I then began sewing on layer upon layer of ruffled fabrics, alternating between them all.

Once all of the layers were attached I trimmed the edges to be perfectly straight. 

I then took some of the remaining pieces of the bed skirt fabric and created binding out of it. I attached this all around the raw straight edges and the inner circle. I also used it to create ties.

And the tree skirt is perfect! It looks gorgeous under the tree!

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season! Until next time . . . happy quilting!


  1. I have not pulled out my accessories box, either. I need to hem something for the project I'm working on. Guess I'll have to pull a hemmer out and play with it. Thanks.

    1. I am so happy I finally did! You will love it!! :)