Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Cute Little Sewing Stool

Remember that cute little stool I found while thrifting in Wisconsin last weekend?

I normally would not spend $15 on such a small furniture piece but the wood finish matched my arm chair perfectly so I just could not pass it up. Plus the proceeds of the thrift shop went to help people with hospice care, so it was a worthy cause. 

The wood finish is beautiful but the upholstered top really wasn't my style. But it made for one of the easiest furniture fixes that I have done. 

I found a piece of fabric leftover from when I upholstered my arm chair. It would make the perfect top for the foot stool. I removed the lid from the base and took on the task of removing all the staples in order to get the fabric off. 

The padding was actually in pretty good shape. It wasn't falling apart, it just had a few stains but they did not have any odor and lets face it, this is going to be propping up feet. I don't think I need to run out and buy foam for a foot stool if I don't have to. So I stretched my new fabric over the top and started stapling it on! I reattached the lid and stood back to admire my work.

Much more my style!

And the foot stool looked even better when it was placed in front of my arm chair!

Now I have the perfect place to kick up my feet while I hand quilt! :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. What a great job! I keep a foot stool (found at an antique store) under my sewing table so I can rest my feet while pinning the blocks.

    1. Thank you! It is perfect for resting my feet between treadling sessions!

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