Monday, June 17, 2013

My New Best Friend: A Needle Minder

As I began my journey into hand quilting I discovered one huge problem . . . I was wasting so much time searching for lost needles between thread changes. It was amazing how quickly I could lose the needles despite telling myself that I would keep placing it down in the same spot. A few weeks into hand quilting I saw an advertisement in a magazine for a needle minder . . . BRILLIANT! But when I looked the brand up online it was $12 for a flat piece of magnetized metal formed into a shape. While the shapes were a cute idea none of them were my style.

I decided to search eBay to see if there were better options when I stumbled upon greenjewelry4u on eBay. It is an eBay shop full of the most beautiful needle minders and scissor fobs, and for nearly half the cost of the big metal stamped needle minders! I found myself struggling to choose between all of the stunning options. I must warn you, one is just not enough . . . at least not if you like to accessorize. I placed a few orders over the next week or so and I was absolutely delighted when the products arrived.

Not only was the shipping quick, but the items were beautifully packaged.

The package within the package was beautiful as well.

And the items themselves were even prettier than the pictures let on!

Even better than all of this, the magnets! Oh the magnets! These magnets had me worried when I first opened them . . . they were so petite. But oh my! The strength! These magnets had no problem holding strong through the 3 layers of my quilt and even better yet, the magnets did not mark my fabric! These needle minders are just perfect and just so beautiful to look at!

But that is not even the half of the fabulous encounter that I had using greenjewelry4u. Upon contacting greenjewelry4u regarding a scissor fob that had sold out, I discovered that she also does custom orders. I placed an order by simply explaining how much I love Dachshund embellished accessories and wouldn't you know it . . . she delivered with a beautiful set for a doxie lover! 

Once again, it was beautifully packaged.

And as I said, she certainly delivered on a beautiful set, a scissor fob and needle minder perfect for using as I sew beside my own Doxie pup!

I know they are just stunning but the true value of these accessories is the time that they save me when I hand quilt. Knowing where my needle is every time I put it down on my work is a priceless perk, saving me countless minutes of searching. And being able to see my scissor fob glistening in the small basket of accessories next to me helps me grab my scissors in a split second for snipping threads. 

Plus there is nothing better than looking down at something beautiful while you are spending countless hours sewing a quilt! If you don't have a needle minder already, I highly suggest you get one as soon as possible. And I highly recommend heading over to greenjewelry4u on eBay for an affordable yet stunningly beautiful option. After all, there's nothing better than supporting someone who handcrafts while you are hand crafting! 

Happy Quilting!

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